Coldwater is upon us…

In honor of all that is northeast we are clearing out our winter wetsuit inventory. Take 20% off the msrp on all premium coldwater suits. In most cases it ends up being a savings around 100 bucks! Print this post and bring it with you. Choose from the highest quality suits on the market from [...]

Warm Winds Drive-In | HERE & NOW

Come by the shop for 6pm on Monday, October 15 for our 3rd annual drive-in movie screening. Weather permitting we are going to set up an HD projector on a 30′ screen hanging from the front of the building and show a MASSIVE surf flick blaring thru a giant PA system. Going to be classy [...]

Channel Islands HIT!

STACKED already w/ Semi Pro 12′s, Neckbeards, Dumpster Divers and Freddie Rubbles. Come scope them out! Another hit of CI should get here by Wednesday w/ more Neckbeards and a full run of the new Sperm Whale – Super small wave friendly and still ripable as hell. This vid is worth a check if you [...]

Rip Curl FLASH BOMB | Available now

The Rip Curl Flash-Bomb is the latest innovation in surfing wetsuit technology. The Flash-Bomb is the the world’s lightest, warmest, most flexible AND FASTEST drying wetsuit – worn by Mick Fanning, Owen Wright, Taylor Knox, Matt Wilkinson and the rest of the Rip Curl Team No BS, this suit looks sick.

Lost Atlas – The Creators of Modern Collective Splice Another Sick One

When Kai Neville’s name was uttered 3 years ago, hardly anyone knew who he was. In fact, no one knew who he was. If you are one of the select few who says “ohh yeahh I knew who he was, totally” then I’ll happily hit you with a large monotone BS stamp right on your [...]

GET’N CLASSIC | New surf vid from Vans!

Available for download at OFFTHEWALL.TV – Enjoy! Featuring: Joel Tudor, Nathan Fletcher, John Florence, Alex Knost, the Gudauskas brothers, Dylan Graves, Ratboy, Kalani Chapman and more.

JS Industries | 1st batch of 10

JS Surfboards delivered their first batch of boards to the shop today and they are looking SICK…kicked it off with two models – the Blakbox and the Kingpin. Check these two models out for all your small wave grovelling needs. The BLAK BOX: This board offers a fuller curvy outline with a higher and more [...]

“Last One Out” Live Show @ The Coast Guard House

Get down to the deck at The Coast Guard House in Narragansett on the Thursday, August 11, 2011 from 3-7pm! There will be live music by “Last One Out”, a sick local band out of Providence, drink specials, surf vids playing and some free schwag that will be raffled off from Oakley and Quiksilver! Check [...]


Surf for the Cause’s mission is to facilitate and foster relationships between surfers, travelers, and people in impoverished coastal communities throughout the world. They are committed to joyfully serving the poor in these communities where surfers, in particular, are drawn because of the waves. They devote their energy and time as surfers to alleviate suffering, [...]

SHRED KENNEDY – Free Skate Nights in PROV

Vans Presents Shred Kennedy Weekly Skate Nights every Thursday through September in Providence… Check the flyer out and hit up the shop with questions!

Channel Islands 2011 Demo Tour

Get down to Warm Winds in Gansett on July 30th to ride the latest models from Al Merrick and Channel Islands Surfboards… See the flyer for details and if you have any questions, call the shop @ (401)789-9040!

VOTE for JENNIE in the VZ Shop Girl Challenge!!!

Every shop claims to hold the hottest of the hotties and VonZipper loves to love the bold and the beautiful. This summer VZ is on the hunt to find the VZ shop girl of the year! This year, Jennie from WARM WINDS has entered the second annual VZ shop girl challenge. The rules are simple: [...]

East Coast “SHOW UP & BLOW UP”

WHAT: Come hang with Shane Dorian, Greg Long and Lucas Rogers for a backyard screening of BILLABONG’S latest release “BLOW UP”! The event is free and there will be FREE SCHWAG, FREE FOOD and FREE BEER (!) for the 21+ crew. When: Thursday July 21, 2011 starting at 5pm! Where: Warm Winds Surf Shop Why: [...]

New Skate Section is FINISHED!

Killing it!! So if you surf, you already know that Warm Winds is the place to go for anything surf related. But now, after years of requests pleas and some minor death threats from a few regulars, we have finally blown up the skate side of things. If it has been a while since you [...]

Just Do It? Ok, fine! We did it… – Welcome to the shop, Nike!

So if you are like me, you are chilling out in mom and pops’ basement waiting for a little bit of news to come across the iNet to make your day more entertaining.  Yes that is what we call the internet.  iNet is both shorter, easier and nerdier and despite what some some highly scientific [...]

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